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Discover Your True Talent with Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular Activities are most of the time overlooked by students, and even their parents, on what it can provide their children in terms of additional skills and benefits. The time spent at school is extremely valuable, and students consume a lot of knowledge. This sometimes pushes them away from staying at school for longer to attend co-curricular activities.

However, the truth is that our children’s characters develop through these activities. Whether it is sports, physical education, a drama theatre, or a book club, every activity within the school atmosphere that steps away from the classroom helps shape the future personality of our students and their contribution to society. It is the ultimate tool to unlock their hobbies and cultivate talented individuals no matter their field.

Co-Curricular Activities
Co-Curricular Activities are an important part of a school's culture and can have a significant impact on student development and well-being. They offer students opportunities for growth and fulfillment.

Co-Curricular Activities can also aid in the development of self-esteem and confidence. It is gratifying when we succeed in something we enjoy, especially after working hard to achieve it. A good self-esteem is an essential tool for positive mental health and wellbeing.

Co-Curricular Activities at IVY international Schools in Egypt

Every student is unique in their way. IVY makes sure to host a world learning environment that affirms the voice, passions, and talents of students and Inspires them to use their hearts and minds as global citizens. The opportunity to give each individual the chance to shine and express who they truly are outside of their academic life is what builds their character and defines their personality.

IVY takes pride in making sure its students are offered a diverse selection of co-curricular activities for each student to select what they are most interested in. Not only that, IVY ensures the quality of the tools and facilities required for our students to enjoy their time during these activities is supplied, and supported by the best professionals in each category. Through our Co-Curricular Activities (CCAs) program, IVY students will have a highly developed sense of social awareness and community service. IVY's outstanding campus facilities offer a variety of opportunities for creativity and personal growth, thus providing an extremely nurturing environment for every child.

Co-Curricular Activities have no boundaries, and your child can start them at any age. Don’t be afraid to enroll your child into something that is outside their comfort zone or else they will never grow out of it. What makes each of IVY’s beloved students unique is their ability to stand out from the crowd with their talents, and we are here to help them grow.