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6 SAT Preparations Tips for a Good Score

6 SAT Preparations Tips for a Good Score

The majority of your SAT preparations should be done months ahead of time, and experts don't recommend depending on last-minute SAT Preparation recommendations. The goal of any day-of preparation should be to arrive at the exam venue on time and feel energized for the long day ahead.

This article will provide a few SAT preparation tips that will help a student achieve a good score.

Tip 1: Eliminate incorrect answers.

The most crucial guideline to remember on the SAT is that each question has only one correct answer, which you should be able to eliminate. This means that the process of elimination will be your primary strategy on the test. If you're having trouble answering a question, look for reasons to rule out the majority of the answers rather than reasons why specific solutions might work.

Learn to be highly careful when it comes to eliminating responses. This is especially true in parts of reading and writing. If a question appears to be subjective, constantly remind yourself that it is only a mirage. All bad decisions are bad for a reason, and it's your duty to figure out what those reasons are until you narrow them down.

6 SAT Preparations Tips for a Good Score

Tip 2: Start with Filling up the Content Gaps

It doesn't matter how many practices SAT questions you do if you have trouble with basic math skills; you'll need to fill in those knowledge gaps before you can enhance your SAT Math score.

Work on your subject weaknesses first if you discover you're missing practice SAT Math problems because you're uncomfortable with a particular topic. This is the quickest approach to significantly increase your scores. You can then move on to correcting other types of faults that are more superficial.

Tip 3: Formulas should be remembered.

Although the SAT math portion provides a list of formulae, repeatedly referring to them can cause you to lose time and momentum. It's best to learn all of the formulas ahead of time.

Tip 4: First, answer the questions you already know the answers to.

When taking the SAT, a frequent test-taking method is to go through the current section and answer all of the questions you know first. You'll have more time to hash out the things you're not so sure about if you can swiftly fill out the questions you know.

If a question takes more than a few minutes for you to understand, skip it and note it in your test booklet to remind you to go back to it later.

6 SAT Preparations Tips for a Good Score

Tip 5: Please don't leave any questions unanswered.

Make an effort to respond to each and every question. Make time to go over any questions you missed, and if you run out of time, don't be scared to start filling in circles.

Even if you don't know the answer, at the very least make an educated guess. Your score will be totaled from correct answers rather than penalized for incorrect replies. This means that if you guess, your score has a 25% chance of being correct, however, if you leave it blank, you have no possibility of collecting points.

Tip 6: Make a schedule for yourself.

Take it easy! This is a timed test. Spend not much more than a minute or two on the easier questions and no more than a few minutes on the more difficult ones. Remember that the SAT is made up of numerous short, timed tests. It's difficult to keep track of time, so keep note of how much time each test has been allowed and how much time is left as you go through each area. Practice, practice, practice when it comes to pacing oneself.

More SAT preparations for right before the exam:

1. Get a good night's sleep

2. Eat breakfast

4. Bring an approved calculator that is not on the list of prohibited items

5. Bring your Social Security Number (just in case)

6. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes

7. Bring a snack and water