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IVY’s Journey to Become Character School


Research shows that comprehensive character program in schools boosts the academic success of students. Character development inspires young people to care about and practice their character strengths. IVY International Schools is committed to equipping students with knowledge, skills, ethics, and values. IVY International Schools has started its journey to become a school of character where students learn, practice, and embrace core values and character traits. In collaboration with our stakeholders from various communities, we are paving the way for our ultimate destination of transforming into a school of character. Character teaching is embedded into our programs and IVY students are benefiting from programs such as student advisory and positive behavior intervention system. Here at IVY, we adopt Success, Passion, Integrity, Respect, Innovation, and Teamwork (SPIRIT) as our core values. We are IVY EAGLES and our EAGLE SPIRIT is leading our way to a brighter future.